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Area 51 (St. Louis) is a community supported Elimination Server for Unreal Tournament 4 (UT4 Pre-Alpha). 

Suggestions, Complaints

Must be related to Unreal Tournament to be considered.  May be responded to publicly and/or flamed.

Area 51 Unreal Tournament

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Area 51 St Louis UT4 Server

Area 51 Unreal Tournament 4 "Team that Could Have Been"

51 UT4 Roster (archive): Blimpo, ConX5, Cuzkey, de'pain, DREW-TANg, Numb, Ricochet, $ev, synister, tonyrayo, vulva

We were looking forward to fielding a team for the new UT game when it came out, so needless to say we were disappointed this roster never saw competitive play.

Unreal Tournament 4 Server Rules

Zero tolerance for ...

  1. Cheating.
  2. Intentionally throwing matches.

Other than that, have fun, be kind, exercise your right to in-server voting.

Unreal Tournament 4 Pre-Alpha - Latest News.

Unreal Tournament 4 ruined by Development of Fortnite

We would normally write more here, but the headline is literally the latest news.

Would scoob's sale of the Elimination Mod to Epic saved the UT series?

Possibly, but we'll never know. 

Unreal Tournament 4 Discord Server List

Epic took down the UT forums, otherwise I would post the list of UT4 discord servers here. This website gets more sad as it's written.

the story of Unreal Tournament 4

Area 51 St. Louis Unreal Tournament 4 Server

Area 51 (St. Louis) - an unreal tournament 4 hub

This website is dedicated to the Unreal Tournament 4 Pre-Alpha server Area 51 (St. Louis). Server provided via - redirects set up through Amazon Web Services using a public s3 bucket. Admin and server owner: synister

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Come play Unreal Tournament 4 with us. Get Unreal Tournament 4 for Free, and join us at Area 51 (St. Louis) for UT4 Elimination.

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