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|VAMP| Unreal Tournament Clan 1999

Clan Vampire was formed in 1999 by SinisteR (name later changed to SynisteR). SinisteR recruited several players into the competitive scene that would later go on to become excellent UTers.

VAMP existed for a couple of years mainly as an Unreal Tournament social club. VAMP did not participate in a lot of competitive UT matches because their leader and captain of the team were limited to 56k internet connections in 1999 into the early 2000s. As a result of their poor internet connections, many games were played on the server PDC BLOODBATH that featured 24/7 Morbias 1v1s - rockets only, first to ten points, no additional health or powerups. Enthusiasm for Rockets-Only duels would later lead to the petition for and creation of the 1v1 Rage Ladder (rocket only duels) at The addition of a single weapon duel mode to the competitive scene with rockets would later lead to shock rifle ladders, zark duel ladders, and more. It started with PDC Bloodbath and the VAMP clan.

Clan Vampire popularized the term "shock whore" in the UT community as a criticism for players who relied too heavily on the asmd shock rifle in game. This phrase became common speech among the UT community and was adopted globally as part of the UT gaming lingo. It started in Clan Vampire's IRC channels.


Clan Vampire had a presence on IRC networks including with admin Bomb, with admin PENDRAGON, hanging out in #utgames and #clanvampire. VAMP would eventually move to and that was the clan's primary home on IRC for the remainder of the life of the team. Since the leaders of Clan Vampire sucked at UT, they spent a lot of time talking trash on IRC networks, masking their identities and attempting to takeover the channels of those they deemed to be their rivals. They really had too much time on their hands at that point in their lives, and should have been out searching for jobs instead of getting high and bothering people online.

Clan Vampire began with the clan tag |VAMP| before later changing it to -=V=-

SinisteR, Sephiroth

A few members eventually left VAMP to join |TeX| with Dr. Death, and later remaining members of VAMP joined Area 51. Vertigo, founder and leader of Area 51, was introduced to the competitive gaming scene by SinisteR as an early recruit into Clan Vampire.

If you're looking for old members of VAMP or would like to reconnect, leave a message here in the form of a comment. If you'd like to find SynisteR, you can reach him through Area 51's discord channel #unrealtournament.

Online handles of members I can remember (not a complete list)

  • |VAMP|Sephiroth
  • |VAMP|SinisteR
  • |VAMP|Sniper
  • |VAMP|CrashbanG
  • |VAMP|Wounded
  • |VAMP|Goten
  • |VAMP|astr0glitz
  • |VAMP|Darkness
  • |VAMP|Jester
  • |VAMP|Ephiphany
  • |VAMP|Akira
  • |VAMP|Savant
  • |VAMP|TheJesusLizard
  • |VAMP|MadMax (Veritigo)
  • |VAMP|Jesiah

I'm sure there are others I cannot remember. Feel free to contribute in a comment below if I'm missing anyone.

VAMP and CoA UT99 LAN Party in 2002

A few VAMP members got together with members of Clan of Assholes [CoA] in Nashville, TN with Shewolf and CReatuRE as our hosts. VAMP members present included Akira, Epiphany and SinisteR. Others present CoA members KillEmAll, AsSuME, MistaMasta, Curtains, Tommygun, and a few others whose names escape me as I write this 20 years later. We had a lot of fun and pretty much gamed until the sun was coming up before we called it quits.

Clan Vampire UT99

p.s. - this article was written simply to show up in search engines for any old Clan Vampire members who might be searching a connection point for our old team. I've enabled comments on this page. If you'd like to connect, leave a comment below. This website is owned by synister.

You can also say hello to old friends and new in the Area 51 Discord server.

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